Monday, September 10, 2012


Rawamyst is a kingdom from the fourth dimension of the ninth world. There were many creatures that lived together peacefully until the King passed away leaving his wife and two sons. Everyone in the kingdom grieved over the lost of a great king.

Because of this misfortune, many people with dirty intentions tried to kill the sons of the King. They want them dead because one of them will inherit the thrown in the future. The previous King made some loyal allies before he died and they were the ones who protected the princes while they were growing up.

Many years had passed and the princes grew up. Although they were brought up together, they have different interests.

Wako is the eldest son and he was strong and the leader of the army. Like the previous king, he was very reliable and many people vowed to be loyal to him. He led the Kingdom to many battles and won. Everyone thought that he got his talent from the late king and they were convinced that he can be a good ruler. Wako was not just strong but he was also the soft type of a guy. He was friendly and kind towards the others regardless of their social status in life. He would roam around the whole kingdom to find what his people would need. Everyone seemed to love him.

On the other hand, Levi was the opposite of Wako. He is the younger son and he was silent and would chose to be left alone in the corner of the room than to mingle with other people. But he also played an important role in the castle. He was the one planning the strategies in every battle the kingdom had faced. He built and designed weapons that made the army stronger. He was the brain behind everything that his kingdom does.

There are also people who respected and adore him because of his great contribution to the palace. Levi was a genius, but in spite of all this, he was timid and aloof towards others, that's why there are only few people outside the castle recognized him as a possible leader of their kingdom.

They may have their differences but they both loved each other dearly. Wako always looked after Levi and Levi did the same.

One day, they had a bouquet at the palace and everyone was invited and as usual, Wako was entertaining the guests while Levi was out trying to find a place where he could spend some time alone.

He was stargazing at the garden when suddenly something fell on him. He was was shoes.

"What is this?" He thought while holding up the shoes.

He looked up and he saw someone climbing through the wall. That someone was wearing a gown.

"This dress is so hard to wear and now I have to do climb up this wall just to get inside." Levi heard the person who was wearing the gown muttered while trying to find something that she can put her foot on to.

"Excuse me?" He said.

The girl jerked her head towards where Levi was and she was so surprised that she lost her grip to the wall and fell right into Levi.

"Ow!" She muttered while touching her butt. She gasped when she saw the Levi was under her. "Oh my gosh! I am so sorry." She said and stood up.

"What in the world are doing climbing the wall and then falling down?" Levi asked with an irritated tone in his voice.

"Wah...sorry. I just wanted to find the person responsible of making the castle’s weapons." She said with excitement on her eyes.

Levi frowned and thought why she wants to find him. "Why?" he asked.

"Don't you think he's a genius for making all of those cool weapons?" the girl said.

Levi slightly blushed at the unexpected compliment. "Yeah...I guess."

The girl suddenly grabbed Levi's hands. "Well since you work here in the castle, can you bring me to that person?" She said with wide-eyes.

Levi was again surprised by the strange girl's gesture. That person did not recognize that he was the prince of the kingdom. An idea entered his mind.

He smirked. "Do you think you can easily get to know that man? Do you even know that the man that you want to meet is the prince of Rawamyst?" Levi said.

The girl gasped. "Re...really?" She said as if it was the first time that she ever heard of it. "You mean the second Prince of Rawamyst?"


"Wow! that's it!" the girl exclaimed. "The reason why the weapons of our kingdom are so cool was because the one who made it was the cold and sadist prince!" She said.

Levi can't help but raised his eyebrow. "What?" he asked.

"Oh you don't know? Maybe this is your first time working here at the palace that's why you still don't know anything..."

'You're the one who doesn't know anything.' Levi thought.

"...The second prince was never seen by anyone outside this castle that's why there are rumors that he was a cold and a sadist and a playboy person." Levi coughed at the 'playboy' part. "They said that he has many concubines that the castle was ashamed to show him in public because of his misconduct."

Levi laughed. "What are those rumors..." He stopped laughing when he saw that girl was staring at him. "What are you staring at?"

"Oh sorry for being rude. It was just surprising that you can actually laugh beautifully like that." she said and smiled. "I'm Lilia by the way." She offered her hand for a shake.

Again, Levi blushed with what Lilia's honesty and innocence. "Le...Leandro." He said and shook her hand.

“Leandro, nice name.” she said.

It was the first time that Levi met a girl like her and a girl outside the castle. He found it interesting that Lilia did not know that he was a prince and the fact that she likes the weapons that he made. It was all strange to him and decided to play along with her.