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From the movie "RENT"

There are five hundred twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes a year. The question is, what have we done with these times? The movie “Rent” talks about the odds of life, which simply defines, you can’t have it all. Eight friends having different stories in life, come together in one journey which we call, LIFE.
All of us went through to the same journey. We experienced problems that seemed to be insurmountable, and met people who made us laugh and met those who broke our hearts. Life can be both tough and challenging, but with the support of our family and friends, we can surely go through it, especially if we make God the pilot/navigator in that journey.
In contrast with life, there is death. Losing someone who is very dear to us can be a very painful experience. Death does not always means passing away or being buried six feet below the ground. People have different definitions of death. Some defined death as broken heartedness; being an outcast; loneliness. We dealt with these situations differently; some positively and others negatively.
There were times when faced with difficulties and unfavorable situations; we thought that we have the worst life. But after seeing this movie, I have realized many things:
First, I realized the value of contentment. I know it is easier said than done, but it’s true. If you will just take time to look around, and appreciate even the simplest details in life, then you will see that God has given us people who loved us and who cared for us, and that the things we have neglected were those that matters later in life.
Second, I realized the value of truthfulness. Don’t pretend to be something you are not. You can always hear this line and often times taken for granted. But it’s really true. Pretending is not really a good idea. If you are sad, be sad. If you are happy, be happy. Being vulnerable at times is not a bad thing. As humans we need a life support, that’s why God gives us family and friends.
Lastly, I realized the value of loving and appreciating life. God provides all that we need each day, because He wants us to enjoy life to the fullest. Let us use this life to bless, to love and to care for others. Let us not ruin our life because of petty reasons/things. Surely, some things or situations may hurt us or we might have caused others pain, but we can always turn to God, family and friends. We just have to look beyond of what we can see, and hear beyond what we can hear.

By: Charis Joy M. Leones

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


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Marrying My Maid- Chapter 1 ♥

Chapter 1
“The Day We Met”

Other men said they have seen angels, But I have seen thee. And thou art enough.
~ by G. Moore ~

*Azzy Smith*
I am wandering in the streets that I am not familliar with. passing some strangers. I just feel so pathetic right now. My boyfriend just dumped me!! I hate this feeling. It SUCKS! I did'nt notice that tears are falling from my eyes when I saw my face in the mirror of a certain store.aahhh my make-up is all in a mess. As I tried to dry my tears with my hands, I just felt like I want to cry more, and I just broke!
"WHHHYYYY!!" I shouted as people looked at me like some crazy person.
"you are such an asshole leaving me like this you moron!!" I just said it out loud ignoring the people staring at me. I just can't control my feelings. It hurt me so much!!
An old woman approached me and tried to comfort me. I just sobbed and minutes later i have calmed myself and just went for coffee in Starbucks. Running some random stuff in my mind, I just figured out that all men are just the same! I mean they will just use women for their own comfort and just dumped them wherever and whenever they want! I will never ever trust men again!
As I was talking to myself, i felt their are some eyes straring at me from the back. feeling uncomfortable, I looked behind me, and there I saw a shinning figure and thought to myself "is he a god?" Clearing my eyes, I saw a tall, dark and handsome man! I mean for real, I can't even believe it myself.
"...ok?" he said. Not hearing the first words that he said as I am drooling from his beautiful face.
"ahh huh?
" I said .. Are you okay? You seem depressed talking to yourself." he said slowly, thinking that I was an illiterate person.
"ah yeah I'm fine, I just came from a break up, so I think it's natural for me to be like this." I said to him trying to avoid my eyes from his and lifted my eyebrow to look like I don't notice him.
"aahh so can I share a table with you?" the man said.
I was shocked and thought "is he trying to hit on me?" I didn’t noticed that my mouth is open.
"Ah please don't miss understand, as you can see there are no other tables available. Since your alone and I think you’re about to finish your coffee, I thought of asking if you can share a table with me. If that's fine with you though." He said, like he knew what is running into my mind.
"Sure you can share a table with me... I wasn’t thinking of anything.."
He sits in front of me, feeling awkward I just scan my mobile to read some messages. I found some text from Jason and his stupid excuses of breaking up with me. I got pissed and unconsciously throw the phone in the table. I was stunned with what I just did in front of this person.
"ahh sorry I just got pissed with the text I got." I explained myself.
"I had a feeling that it's from your ex.?" he smirked at me and again unconsciously tears fell down my face again, I dry my tears quickly with my hands when I noticed him looking at me.
"Ah sorry I didn't notice.."
"It's fine, you just have to find another man to fall in love with again." he said it like it is easy to fall in love.
"I am never going to trust any guys again...EVER!" I assured him with a deadly glare.
"woah woah chill baby, I am not your enemy here." and he laugh.
It was the best definition of a killer smile. I mean it was so beautiful that you can just accept death in an instant. "OH" I snap myself back to reality.
"Even though, you’re still a guy, I mean you’re all the same, you all hurt women who falls in love with you and then dumped them whenever you want. All men are stupid and morons.." I stopped as I heard him laugh again. "What?"
"Sorry, I can't help it. You look too cute seeing your angry face. You look like a kid. hahahaha" he stopped laughing when he saw that I was serious. "oh so you really think that about men? Well I think don't have any experience yet. Just explore more and you will find your match baby."
Wait a sec, did I just hear baby? And some word that sounds like cute? OMG did just he said that I was cute and he said baby? I squeal inside.
I composed myself not to get carried away by this man's words; I mean I just said that I 'm not going to trust men anymore.
"Look who's talking, I think you yourself is a player." He raised one of his eyebrows. "I mean you’re like the guy in the movies that can have sex with any girl that comes along with them."
"Excuse me I think you are over doing it, you don't know me AT ALL" he specified AT ALL. He stands up and grab his coffee. "I think I shared a table with the wrong person." I watched him walking out the door.
*Nygel Del Fierro*
I really got pissed with what the girl said; she doesn't even know me and just judge me like that. Yeah sometimes I can be a player, but that's not my fault if they keep on following me, so I'll just give them what they want. They are just doing that for money anyways. Sigh.
"Mister!" I heard a voice from the back and thought it was familiar, when I turned around. It is her trying to catch up with her breath. I think she just run to follow me, how annoying.
"hoo hoo sorry." she said.
"I said I'm sorry, What I said was wrong, I'm really sorry this day is just not my day, and I got all my anger on you, so I'm saying sorry." she made a bow while saying sorry.
"Its fine, just forget it." I turned away from her and got into my car. Seeing her from my rear-view mirror I can see her sad face, and she is still catching her breath. I smiled seeing that.
I went home from work, as usual all alone in this big house. Why did my folks built a big house and not even live in here. I heard a knock from the door, the butler open the door.
"Sir the new maid is here." I just roles my eyes, the maids can't stand my attitude. Sometimes I end up being to them or just pissed from work, from my life, I bring it out on them. That's why I change maids every now and then, the butler Mr. Johnson and his wife are the only survivors.
"Ok I'll come down in a sec." He closed the door.
As I was making my way down, I can hear the butler asking some questions from the new maid I assume. The voice was familiar, but I just ignored it. I got to the living room. The maid that faced me, I was shocked but didn’t show it of course, it is her! What a small world. The girl I met this morning who said mean things to me. I smirked when I saw her face. She was like stunned and shocked finding out that the man she insulted this morning is going to be her boss.
"So, you’re the new ma..." I didn’t finish my sentence as she just spills it out.
"You are that guy from earlier." I can see that the butler got confused. “You are the boss, I mean the owner of this house?" She really can't compose herself.
"Yes, I am. Is anything wrong with that?"
"Well...aammm nothing." she muttered
I am really tired so I just let the butler handle this noisy whining girl. Went to bed and sleep.
*Azzy Smith*
I really can't believe this! That man is going to be my new boss? I didn’t know he would be a rich guy. Urgh I am so mad at myself thinking what I have just done to him this morning. He could have at least said hi or hello to me, not just ignore me. I just feel sleepy from the thought of him in my mind.
I woke up this morning feeling so good. The room is big even though I'm just a maid, they provided me a good room. If it's going to be like this, I'm gonna be fine working with that horrible man, with split personality.
I walk down as my work is going to start working at 5 am. It's fine with me though, I have always been working my ass off since I was 12. My parents died at my young age and left me alone with nothing, so I grew up in an orphanage.
I saw Mr. Johnson and greet him.
"Good morning Mr. Johnson." I said with a smile, but he just nodded.
"aahh may I ask if what time Mr. Del Fierro wakes up so I can mange my time of preparing his breakfast?"
"The young master does not eat breakfast until he says so; he only tells us the day before if he is going to eat breakfast here or not. So for now he is not eating here." he said with formality and still head up high. Are all the butlers in the world are like that? I though it's only in the movies.
"oh so he's not usually in this house?"
"Yes, he is a workaholic person."
I felt relief of what he said. I will not meet him every day. yeehhheeeyyy. I am enjoying myself with that good thought when I heard the deep voice of the a man behind me. It’s him.
"Why are you asking about me?" he asked while leaning on the door drinking water. How did he get there without being noticed.
"Good morning young master" The butler greeted him.
"Morning" he said and turned to me again waiting for my answer.
"ahh..well I was just asking for your time being around here so that I can also adjust my schedule."
"And why is that" he's walking towards me with that smirk of his.
"'s none of your business." he's eyebrow rise when he heard my answer, maybe doesn't want to answered that way. Am I gonna get fired? I am starting to walk backwards as he was walking closer to me. I stopped when I felt the wall behind me. I can't go further, and he is so close to me, I can't breathe.
"Why is it none of my business? You are mine now." I was stunned of what he just said that he owns me. He cleared his throat noticing my expression. "I mean..You are now working for me, so technically it's my business or are you working for another man?"
"She is only here in the mornings master, she has another work as a waitress." The butler interrupted.
He looked at me, waiting for my explanation. "What? I need money. Haven’t you heard people with two jobs? The economy is bad you know." I said.
"So you’re also a waitress. And my maid as well? hhmmmm " he looked at the butler. "I want to eat breakfast.
"Yes young master, I'll tell the chef right away."
"No, I want this young lady over here to cook for me. You better get it right." He was like pissed at me. Is it because I'm only having a part time job here? Better do a good job.
Mr. Johnson took me to huge kitchen, I mean it's hilarious. It's too big. Then I saw a man well I think he is the chef because he is wearing the uniform of a chef. That man has a chef? Oh maybe that's just what rich people do with their money.

*Nygel Del Fierro*
I am waiting in the living room for my breakfast. That girl is a waitress. It really pissed me, I don't know why. Why is she getting on my nerves? I didn’t feel this way when I first saw her yesterday. Maybe I just want to tease her when I saw her reaction yesterday. She was like about to drool when she saw my face. "haha" She's weird, I can’t believe I saw her crying yesterday and now trying to pick a fight with me.
After one hour, finally Mr. Johnson called me for breakfast. His expression is like "Please don't fire me young master." Maybe the food she cooked was that bad. Better be ready.
As I am walking toward the dining area I smell the food. And it is good. I am shocked when I saw the food. It was like garbage. I raised my eyebrow and looked at her. It is my habit.
"Here is your breakfast." She said with a force sweet smile.
"What is this? Are you trying to kill me?"
"No I’m not. I was just not good in this stuff, but I tasted it before serving it to you, and I assure taste good." She sounded like she is lying about tasting the food first.
"You don't sound very convincing to me. Well here it goes."
I picked up the spoon trying to analyse what kind of food I'm about to eat...It reached my mouth and...It is good. Very good that I'm even shock myself. This is a new recipe I guess. It so good that I got suddenly felt hungry.
"AAHHMM?" She was waiting for my answer. " How does it taste?"
"It's horrible, Haven't you learned how to cook?" I lied trying to compose myself not revealing to her that I want to eat more.
She pouted and reached my plates."Give me that I'll just throw it in the garbage."
"No!, I mean even the cockroaches will die if they eat this, so just leave it here."
"What? Are you kidding it doesn’t taste that bad, and you have a personal chef why did you let me cook your breakfast in the first place." she said with her cute angry face.
"Because’s part of your test of being a maid, and clearly you failed."
"What?..Are you..Are you going to fire me for that?" she said almost mumbling in the word fire.
She looked at me waiting for my answer and I swear to God she made a puppy look in her eyes, so cute. But I relaxed myself trying to be cool.
"Well this is just the first trial I'll let you pass." I said eating the food that she prepared. "But from now on you’re going to cook for me breakfast and dinner."
"But you said it was bad that even cockroaches will die if they eat it."
"You'll just have to learn how to cook. You can do your other job now." Mr. Johnson took her to the other part of the house.
No one will eat what she cooks except for me. I ate it and it felt good.
*Mr. Johnson*
As I was leading Azhmaria to her duties, I can't help but notice that smile of the young master as he was eating the food that this girl cooked. He was like a kid that loves the cookies his mom made just for him. This is new; I think this girl can change the young master's life. I am just thrilled to see what happens to them.

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"Mission Finding My First Love"

First of, I don't know if I'm doing the right thing of writing a new story while I'm still working on another but Ideas about another book keeps popping in my mind so here it goes.

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Meet Lynn Carter, whose dream is to be an actress. She did all the acting, dance and singing lessons just to improve herself, to be good in everything that relates to the art that she loves. One day The Fierce Pictures is giving out auditions for new aspiring actresses. She auditioned and the producer of the company find her really good and accepted her. For short she got the major role, the lead actress of the upcoming movie that the company is going to produce soon. When she read the script she saw that there lots of kissing scenes. That thought kind of disturb her and talk to the producer that she never had her first kiss and she wants to do it with her first love. Hence, the producer appointed hid son Ezekiel Tucker to accompany her in finding her first love. What will happen when She falls in love with him? But Ezekiel doesn't like the glitz , glamor and fame of the celebrities because he knows that LOVE doesn't exist in the showbiz industry. What will she do? Let's find out.